Networking Above All Competition

From the edge of our network down to every individual server, our network infrastructure really is second to none. Our stack is purpose built to achieve the goal of unsurpassed reliability and performance. We did it.

MojoHost utilizes top of the line Arista routers at the edge and core of its network. Every server has 10G uplinks and 1 gigabit of unmetered bandwidth, standard. Top of rack switches uplink redundantly by multiple 10G links. The network edge has an A and B side, each with multiple carrier links. Losing more than half of the network will not disrupt packet flows to client hosting.

We have big connectivity to multiple Tier 1 Carriers, plus Peering to hundreds of networks. In our Amsterdam location our connectivity totals 700 gigabits/second. MojoHost connects to Arelion Carrier with 200G, TI Sparkle with 200G, Cogent Communications with 200G and AMS-IX Exchange with the last 100G.

Not all network logic is created equal. MojoHost uses real time net flow data to power its use of the Noction platform. Noction is able to see packet loss and internet black-holes and automatically route MojoHost traffic around congestion on the big internet. Noction also does a constant probing of the highest traffic destinations that are actively surfing MojoHost. It makes more than 40,000 routing changes daily to improve latency and remove packet loss. To learn more information about our use of Noction’s premium BGP technology, CLICK HERE.

Fast and Reliable connection

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