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About MojoHost

Learn more about what’s behind #GoodMojo. The MojoHost brand is so strong, we had to trademark That’s Good Mojo™ and Got Mojo™ to describe our philosophy properly.

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What Is Good Mojo?

Good Mojo™ is more than just a catchy phrase: it is a feeling, a mantra, an ethical principle; moreover, it is the way of life at MojoHost. We believe in putting the customer first, and doing right by others whenever possible. There is no better feeling than a client choosing to continue hosting with us year after year not because they have to, but because we have earned their loyalty and business. This is the epitome of That’s Good Mojo™

Mojo Has Many Meanings

Magical Charm or Spell: Traditionally, “mojo” refers to magical charm or spell, believed to bring good luck or magical powers.

Personal Power or Influence: In a more contemporary way, “mojo” describes personal charisma, influence, or appeal.

Enthusiasm or Energy: It can also refer to someone’s energy, drive, or enthusiasm for life or a particular activity.

In the context of our brand, “mojo” is meant to convey power, effectiveness, integrity, and our special “magic” touch.

The Trusted Choice

Since 1999, MojoHost has been dedicated to delivering outstanding service and prioritizing customer needs. Our clientele spans from emerging startups to some of the biggest names on the internet, each with their distinct requirements. Our commitment to understanding and addressing these diverse needs is what defines #ThatsGoodMojo™.

Experience Matters

Boasting over 24 years of experience, MojoHost delivers unmatched outcomes. Our veteran experts are proficient in cutting-edge technologies, providing dependable, high-performing, and scalable solutions. MojoHost is synonymous with excellence, offering top-tier services at competitive prices.

Successful Partnership

MojoHost goes beyond merely meeting client needs; we actively engage and contribute to their business growth. Our collaborative approach is reflected in the remarkable outcomes we achieve together. This strong commitment to our clients’ success is why most of our new customers are referred by those who have experienced our service firsthand. We stand by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, embodying the essence of #ThatsGoodMojo.

MojoHost Gives Back

MojoHost has a long history of corporate responsibility, sponsoring The Free Speech Coalition, Pineapple Support, and the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP). It’s President, Brad Mitchell, serves on the board of Pineapple Support and ASACP. Mitchell is passionate about protecting children from age-restricted content, supporting performer mental health, and advocating for Free Speech.

That’s Good Mojo™ Guarantee

MojoHost stands out in the hosting world with a fresh take: no long-term contracts needed, all thanks to their That’s Good Mojo™ promise. This bold guarantee reflects their total dedication to top-tier service, so compelling that clients stick around by choice, not by contract. MojoHost isn’t just about hosting; it’s about nurturing enduring relationships rooted in trust, superior performance, and a confidence in their service that makes the idea of switching unthinkable. They’re redefining the hosting experience, one satisfied customer at a time.

No Sh*tty Contracts

At MojoHost, we skip the long-term commitments and auto-renewing contracts, confident that our top-notch service will be the cornerstone of our clients’ success throughout their business journey. We thrive by ensuring our customers do too, giving them no reason to look elsewhere. It’s simple – we don’t need contracts when we’ve #GotMojo™, ensuring every client’s experience with us is nothing short of exceptional.

99.999% Uptime

Experience unparalleled reliability with MojoHost’s 99.999% Network Uptime Guarantee. Where smaller and “budget” hosts fall short, we set the bar high. Opt for MojoHost and step into a hosting realm where exceptional uptime isn’t just an aspiration—it’s the norm.

Amazing Support

MojoHost shines with its crew of expert senior support engineers, each packed with extensive experience. We’re dedicated to top-notch service, ensuring you’ll never be stuck with inexperienced or underqualified help. Expect nothing less than professional, knowledgeable assistance, ready to tackle your needs and swiftly sort out any challenges.

Free Migration Service

Customers with On-Demand or Complete Support are eligible for white-glove migration. Our skilled team effortlessly manages your entire transition, promising a seamless experience. We meticulously oversee every aspect from beginning to end, removing the stress and complications usually involved in relocating.

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