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What is MojoHost and what services does it provide?


MojoHost B.V. is a Netherlands corporation with a full suite of products for both small and large businesses. Mojohost provides managed system administration, wholesale bandwidth, server rental, co-location, content delivery network services, cloud hosting and virtual private servers. While many web host companies are merely “resellers” of other hosts, MojoHost BV owns and maintains its network and physical infrastructure. With dedicated space in the Iron Mountain AMS1 facility (Haarlem, Netherlands), MojoHost is a true provider of mission-critical connectivity and hosting services.

MojoHost B.V. is an internet service provider and its ASN (Autonomous System Number) is 42567. The edge of the MojoHost network connects directly to hundreds of peers on the AMS-IX Internet Exchange. To provide the highest level of service, MojoHost connects to multiple Tier 1 global networks. These currently include Arelion, Cogent Communications, and TI Sparkle. All carriers are connected with redundant 100 gigabit links to each edge Arista Networks router. To improve BGP performance, reliability and decision making, MojoHost has deployed the Noction Network Intelligence platform to accomplish tens of thousands of route changes daily for removing packet loss and lowering latency.

Completing our infrastructure deployment with quality server and hardware assets from Supermicro, Dell, AMD, Intel and others gives customers continued assurance of stellar reliability. Many hosts over-subscribe access on virtual, cloud and network assets, but MojoHost does not. MojoHost currently has more than 500 devices deployed in AMS1. MojoHost’s footprint of additional space, power and network make accommodating customer growth fast and flexible.

Every host is the sum of its parts. The most important part (we think) is having a great team to manage client success. MojoHost has the benefit of 24/7/365 remote hands and security within the data center to handle the physical needs of maintenance, shipping and installation. Our local business office, accounting, and receipt of mail is in Amsterdam. Our sales team, management, and systems administration is located internationally, and English speaking only. Contact MojoHost today and learn how it can empower your business to grow!

Brad Mitchell

Brad Mitchell


Brad is MojoHost BV’s visionary leader. In the webhosting industry since 1999, Brad has served thousands of customers and tens of thousands of web sites. MojoHost is a trusted leader in information technology and the recipient of dozens of industry awards for exceptional client service and leadership..

faviconCore Values

Our Mission: To seek out only the most qualified internet companies, convert them to customers, provide them with the highest quality hosting experience - and be the last host they'll ever need.


The quality of being honest and having strong moral principals. Our highest directive is serving the best interests of our customers.


We take great pride in helping clients optimize their web presence for speed. If it's not fast, why would a surfer ever come back?


Technical support should be done right the first time, every time. MojoHost provides ongoing training and education with all of its employees.


When you're in the box, you're stuck. MojoHost approaches all problems with an open mind to create amazing client solutions.


Anyone can be cheap! Being amazing and a great value takes hard work and dedication.


How much does downtime cost your company? Our quality server and network infrastructure is managed to deliver the best possible reliability to our customers.